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Church-goers are Aliens

Getting close to 8,000 hits on the blog, awesome!

So I Went to visit a church for the first time since this whole thing started. It was sickening! I know what these church-goers really are. I know it for a fact. People from churches all across the SE US proved it to me. Not one person has been willing to do what was right to do. Instead they’ve either defended the actions described in this BLOG, or they have actively avoided becoming involved. Standing here writing this post, I feel like I’m in a building that’s infected with some horrible disease. I want nothing to do with these people. I feel dirty just being in close proximity to them. I don’t want to chance catching the “church-goer” disease. I don’t want to become like Wiley Deason, Shawn Bain, Rod Waterman, Michael Molloy, Terry Francis , Dottie Walker and all the rest of the church-going, he’ll-bound, evil-infected freaks. Not sure what the answer is, but this ain’t it!


Where’s Wiley?

I understand that Wiley Deason and his young wife Mallory just had a baby back on Dec 5th. Another new resident for Louisville, Ky! I wonder how long (if ever) before he finally understands the sin he committed by hurting MY CHILD! Hmm. Interesting!

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End of Year Update

Well, it’s been a while since I posted, but I think it’s time to ramp things up again! I’ve been busy with life, but make no mistake, this work won’t stop until the people involved are held accountable for their actions.

For the end of 2013, I just wanted to mention a few interesting things.

First, nearly 7,000 reads on the blog since the beginning, and that’s with no new content in the past 3 months.

One of the elders from East Shelby Church of Christ, Neal Simpson, connected with me via LinkedIn, but when I contacted him to ask why in the world he would do that, he refused to answer. Typical cowardly behavior I’ve come to expect from the elders there.

The preacher from the East Shelby Church of Christ, Terry Francis, started following me on Twitter. I haven’t contacted him yet to see what his interest in me is at this point, but I will.

Still no word from the cowardly scum Wiley Deason, or Shawn Bain, or Rod Watermannu, or Michael Molloy. Those are the people who caused the most pain for my family, and the greatest disgrace for The Lord and his Church, and they’re still just sailing along, attending church services every time the doors are open, still keeping up appearances, still just as lost as any adulterer, thief or murderer who ever lived.

Wiley Deason seems to have recently disappeared from the Internet (except for on this blog). It’s kind of funny what is returned when you Google his name. But I’ll find him again. And when I do, if he’s still preaching, I’ll get him fired again! Maybe in the mean time I’ll work on his father Jim Deason, who CLAIMS his son is a faithful Christian. Boy is he wrong! I’d really love to hear his thoughts on the disaster his son has caused for so many people, and on the lost condition of his son’s soul.

And lastly, we just today received some marketing material from Florida College. Now THAT’S funny!

My next post will recap all the events and actions of everyone involved in this situation, including scripture supporting the fact that they’ve sinned against me and my family and are at the present hopelessly lost until they decide to do the right thing and repent of those sins. I hope to have that posted by the end of the year.

More coming soon!

Back to basics…

So all of you defenders of Deason, Bain, Waterman, Molloy, Kamp Kennessee, Florida College, etc, let’s take this back to the basics with a few questions.

1) If one Christian causes a fellow Christian to fall away, intentionally or not, what does the Bible say about this situation? What are the responsibilities of a) the one who fell away, b) the one who caused the falling away, c) Elders of the  congregations where those involved worship, and d) other Christians who know about the situation?

2) I’ve been told to forget what happened and move on because “kids make mistakes”. This is very disturbing to me. This tells me that adult “Christians” are free to influence young people in any way they want and are justified and absolved of any wrongdoing because “Kids make mistakes anyway”. So I can go to Christian kids and encourage them to drink, smoke pot, lie, steal, cheat, etc, without any guilt or responsibility on my part, because kids make mistakes anyway. If that’s true, then I agree, Bain, Deason, etc have no need to repent. But if that’s not true, then these people are lost unless they repent. Nothing else makes sense logic
Ally. Please explain why my family should just “Move on and forget” the sins of these people that’s not what my bible tells me to do.

We’ll stop there for now. Who has the courage to answer these questions?

Mid-2013 Update

So I let the Elders at Wiley Deason’s last church know what a sleeze he is, and I just learned he left that church. Time to track him down in Ky now and let his new employer know the truth about him.

I haven’t made a post in 6 months, yet the Blog is getting about 300 views each month. Total views are over 6000 now. I think it’s time to focus some new energy here.

As a quick update, still not one so called Christian, including Bain, Deason, Rod Waterman or Michael Molloy, has offered a single word of care, concern, love or encouragement to a single member of my family, including our youngest daughter whose life was devastated by Wiley Deason’s arrogance, ignorance, stupidity, lies and hypocrisy. If he was SOO concerned about her well being that he insisted on injecting himself uninvited and unwanted into our lives, why has he not bothered to send her so much as a greeting card? Someone (a young mush brain) commented on the good Bain and Deason have done outweighing the bad. Really? My bible tells me that what they did was heinously sinful, and they have refused to repent of their sins, so it looks to me like their souls are lost. That makes them hypocrites, which we know displease God. Nothing else matters. They’re lost. So rather than trying to defend that which can’t be defended, try encouraging them to repent of their sins, right their wrongs, and return to God?

More to come during the second half of 2013. Time to call all the hypocrites and fake “Christians” out and identify them for what they are. Also time to find Deason again and have a chat with his new employer. I’ll never leave him alone until he repents and apologizes for what he did to my family. He can’t hide no matter how hard he tries. A real man would face the issue and resolve it. Unfortunately, he seems to be a coward, not a man.

I’ll be writing extensively about several others too, including Bain, Waterman, Molloy, Francis, and the Elders at the East Shelby Church of Christ.

2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,800 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that many views.

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Wiley Deason is HERE!

Thanks for the reads.  Total hits are over 4000 now, and if you Google the names of people and churches associated with this mess, usually the first entry in the results is my BLOG.  Excellent!!!

So it looks like Wiley Deason’s efforts in Arkansas failed miserably.  He has moved on to preach his hypocrisy at the Plainfield Church of Christ in Plainfield Il.  What’s great is that they have elders here, unlike the last sad little church.  So look out Plainfiled, here comes the truth about your sad, sinful preacher.

Looks like he’s laying low, trying to hide from his past, but that’s not possible.  I’ll have a great new post in the new year with updates on all the folks involved in this drama, including;

  • Wiley Deason
  • Shawn Bain
  • Rodney Waterman
  • Troy Waterman
  • Michael Molloy
  • Elders at the East Shelby CofC
  • Elders at Bain’s church
  • Elders at Deason’s new church


The very next entry is going to expand broadly on how all this got started with Wiley Deason and Shawn Bain.  In looking back over the BLOG, the focus has moved away from the evil people who created all of this mess, so I’m going to take us back to the beginning and make sure we fully explore the real problem here, the arrogance, sin and ignorance of these two men.  Stay tuned!!!

Drinking LIKE A FISH!!!

UPDATE: I’ve received confirmation that this information about Troy Waterman is at least basically true. Meaning that he has indeed resorted to regularly consuming some unknown amount of alcohol. Still unknown is whether Rod has resigned as elder or if the Watermans have allowed Troy to continue to have access to and influence with the rest of their family. Also still unknown if if Rod plans to make any public apologies to me and my family for the horrible things he said to and about us in the past, given this latest development in his family. Stay tuned!

So, here’s what I heard, from a source I trust completely, who says they saw this with their own eyes. This person said that Troy Waterman, son of holier-than-thou Bartlett church of Christ elder Rod Waterman, has an alcohol problem. They said that Troy now “drinks like a fish”, as much alcohol and as often as possible. Now, its not unheard of for young men to drink alcohol during their college days. But this is a young man who was held up to me as the standard bearer for pure, undefiled, perfect young Christian men everywhere.

So I have a couple of questions about this.

1. I said from the day I learned that Rod Waterman was an elder that he was grossly unqualified. At that time he had one son who was a career student, and a second son, Troy, who was just starting college. He also had two girls in middle or high school. Now, that situation does not, according to my understanding, qualify as having “faithful adult children”. Rod has never had to face any difficult challenges in his life, and his two sons at that point were absolutely not faithful adult children” as they had never been in a context of having to make adult decisions. Now, setting all that aside, having a 21 year old son who is a heavy drinker of alcohol, again according to my understanding, would certainly disqualify Rod from serving as an elder. My question is this. Has Rod resigned his role as elder? I sure hope so.

2. As has been described here in this BLOG in great detail, our daughter made the horrible mistake of trusting Wiley Deason, Shawn Bain, and many other idiot members of the Church of Christ when they convinced her to collude with them behind her parents backs to attend college at Florida College. When we discovered this plot and its lies and deceptions, she was told that we did not support it and that if she was going to continue with that plan she would have to leave our home immediately. At that time, and many times since, Rod Waterman condemned me and my wife for “throwing” a rebellious adult child out of our home. My second question is, what have the Watermans done with respect to Troy’s drinking? Have they allowed him to continue living in and or coming around their home, where they are still raising their two impressionable teenaged daughters? Or have they given him the same ultimatum we gave our daughter, “do the right thing or move out”? It will be very interesting to hear what they did.

I’ll try to find out the answers to these two questions and post them here. My prediction…get ready for an exhibition of hypocrisy like you’ve never seen before. Hopefully I’m wrong, and hopefully Rod will be a matuire adult man and state publicly that I was indeed right in my decisions with our rebellious child. We’ll see!


I have one piece of huge news to share about Rod and Troy Waterman and an alcohol scandal, and I’m also compiling a list of names, email addresses, phone numbers and comments made by some of the more hateful, disturbing people from the church of Christ that I’ve heard from recently. You absolutely will not believe what passes for a Christian in that organization. Those posts will go up tonight. Stay tuned!!!

Oh, also, I’m going to share my BLOG stats. Its amazing how many people searching for Bain, Deason, Waterman, Kamp Kennessee, Florida College are finding this BLOG. Over 4000 hits so far.

For those I thought were our friends…

Just one simple thought today:

“In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Do you get it yet? Do you understand my concern with YOUR actions in all of this? Think about it…